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BMW Mini car

Presenting the award, Autocar editor Rob Aherne said: "MINI has been a towering success every week of every year of its short life. The cars, which began production in 2001, have brilliantly echoed the appeal of the Issigonis original, while offering buyers a thoroughly modern design."

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The MINI factory at Cowley, Oxford has achieved a reputation for production efficiency by managing to build its 500,000th vehicle nearly two years ahead of schedule. The Cowley Plant employs 4,500 staff.

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Dr Anton Heiss, Managing Director of BMW Group Plant Oxford said: "Winning the Autocar award for Manufacturer of the Year is an enormous compliment to MINI and the associates working at BMW Group Plant Oxford."

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"We're delighted to receive such recognition for consistent excellence in the manufacturing of one of Britain's most iconic brands. The real winners of this are Plant Oxford's associates and it's thanks to their hard work, flexibility and commitment to quality that we're here today."

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Autocar editor Rob Aherne said: "Sales in the UK now exceed 170,000 units, and MINI makes an important contribution to the British economy by exporting to 70 markets worldwide. These British-built products have also made a huge impact in the notoriously difficult United States market."

Mini car

The MINI success looks to continue with the impressive unveiling of the MINI Traveller concept at this year’s Frankfurt motorshow.

Mini car

Mini car

Wildfire mini car

Mitsubishi Car

2010 mitsubishi evo x

If you are looking for the car maker that offer wonderful and trustworthy car in the industry, the answer is The Mitsubishi Group of Companies. Annually, they always try to provide the market and the industry with excellent cars just like other auto makers.

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The Mitsubishi has been making a great development in their selling with the production that is increasing of over 12 % since last year. They are still behind the types of Ford and Toyota who take over the car production market. However, with the growth in sales for Middle East, African, North American and Russia markets, two Mitsubishi cars that are the Outlander and the Lancer are giving contribution in gaining valuable ground on their contenders.


Recently, the public is informed that the Mitsubishi Company is ensuring that two of its cars would be well-prepared as a participant for the upcoming model.

mitsubishi evo car

The Mitsubishi Lancer 2008 is the model that the company claims as the one of the best selling for sedan model. This car will be holding more features with advanced technology since it has been redesigned by the company. It also has a good and successful record in the rally championship.

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It was first produced in 1973 and today has reached the eighth generation that the first production begun in 2007. The Lancer has been amazingly sold for over six million units since the first time it was produced.

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The Mitsubishi Outlander 2007 that is known as the type of SUV car is the other outstanding Mitsubishi cars. The sport utility vehicle Outlander has been launched in 2001 and today has reached the second generation that is first produced in 2005.

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Mitsubishi has been prepared both of these cars to be ready to reap in sales and profits for the company, particularly when it is launched in the car market of America.

Mitsubishi Shogun

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

Nissan Car

2009 nissan maxima1

Nissan Motor Company was founded in 1933 and initially produced cars under the name Datsun. The company now owns 16 production sites around the world and offers produсts and sеrviсes in more than 160 countries. Nissan Motor Co. - It is the second largest Japanese car manufacturer. It’s is a member of the alliance Renault-Nissan. With a staff of 150,000 people worldwide, supplies customers with an average of morе than 4 million vehiсles a year. Produces a cost-effective and high-tech cars under two brands Nissan and Infiniti. Nissan also madе historу with the launch of the Nissan LEAF, thе first mass electric car NAP, which became the owner of a number of international nominations, including the prestigious competition of European Car of the Year 2011 and World Car of the Year 2011. The European headquarters of Nissan, NISA International, located in Rolle, Switzerland, and is responsiblе for thе production, distribution, marketing and sales of Nissan in the European markets. NISA division coordinates the rest of the European divisions of the company Nissan, which from 1 January 2007 were divided into eight regional business units.

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Nissan in Europe has one of the largest networks of distribyuter overseas car makers. Staff Nissan in Europe is 12,500 staff members in design, engineering, research, manufacturing, logistics, sales and marketing. In 2010, Nissan plants UK, Spаin and Russiа produced morе than 528,888 vehicles. Currently Nissan in Europe has 24 different products, and aims to beсome the Japanese brand №1. Nissan unveiled the production version of the new taxi of New York City - minivan NV200 taxi. The history of this project began in 2007, when the heads of New York thinking about the future of the taxi. Every day, 600,000 residents use its services, so both the appearance and characteristics of yellow cars are very important for the image of the city. The contest "Taxi of Tomorrow» (Taxi of Tomorrow) organized in 2009, identified the requirements for the participants, and in May 2011 it was absolutely clear, that the winning bidder was the company Nissan, which has offered a special modification of it’s minivan NV200. C 2013 Nissan will have an exclusive contract for the supply of taxis for New York. Production version of NV200 taxi will present at the International New York Auto Show, which opens today.

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The interior is now contains 4 seats for passengers and their luggage space than in the current taxi. Sliding doors with footrest and handle provide easy embarkation / disembarkation. Glass roof for the review of skyscrapers, separate climate control for the rear row, opening side windows, a carbon air filter, plugs for charging electronic devices, flat floor - these innovations correspond to the concepts of modern man to comfort. Not left out from the top designers and lighting for reading while traveling and bottom for packing luggage. Interior complemented particularly strong, breathable, antimicrobial, environmentally friendly, easy to clean seat cover, made of a material similar to the skin. In addition, Nissan car is economical: 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine with a guarantee of 150 thousand miles (241 sq km), equipped with melodic ear signal, the driver's seat with the settings in 6 directions, navigation, reversing camera, airbags for both rows.

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nissan car

nissan car

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Nissan 350Z custom

Oldsmobile Car

Oldsmobile eighty eight

Rens Eli Olds, who gathered first three-wheeled steam-powered car to 1891 years, began to produce cars with petrol power unit in 1896. In 1898 S.L.Smit, prosperous merchant of timber, purchased gasoline engine factory of Olds. At the turn of the century «Olds» has reached a high level of sales by making a long series of carriages with motors. In 1904, Olds left the company and started his own car company «Reo». Subsequent models, mostly large sedans were not a success. The company «Oldsmobile», faced with large financial problems, was acquired in 1908 by the concern of General Motors.

Oldsmobile Aerotech concept

As the car of "lux» class the car of Oldsmobile Limited was not much a successful the company moved on to the production of more compact models in next coming years. in the 50 -s the Rocket 88 sedan with a futuristic design of the body, made his successful debut so there was a significant break away from the competitors. New technologies were introduced into the production process in 1966. The result of it was a sporty car, which was first established an automatic transmission.


In early 2003, the company ceased to produce quite a popular mid-size sedan Inrigue. By mid-2004, out of the race became the Silhouette minivan and a compact sedan of Alero. In 2005, the last Aurora car has left the assembly line. New Oldsmobile Bravada SUV would last until 2007, and then would be produced under a different brand of the General Motors concern.


The urgency of the changes that the directorship of the GM modestly called the improvement was long overdue. The matter of fact was that the sales of cars of Oldsmobile went from bad to worse. In 1985 this department of GM could realize more than 1 million vehicles, while in 2004 only 260 000.

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Plymouth Car

1967 Plymouth GTX coupe

There are many ways to speed up and improve the performance of the cars - even old models can be boosted through tweaking and installing engine tuning kits and superchargers depending on the users' model and specifications of the car. Supercharger is said to be more expensive in a way but for Plymouth car models there are tuning engine kits that can be purchased on an affordable price.

1970 Plymouth Superbird

Plymouth cars are known for their low priced muscle cars and in the 60s up till late 70s has been manufactured by Chrysler. Plymouth-Chrysler is also known for old "muscle cars" due to old models that is still use up till now and was discontinued on 2001 permanently branded as Chrysler. Plymouth has been famous with some 70s models such as Dodge, Barracuda, Super Fury and many more. Chrysler has still utilized some of the old model designs for Chrysler.

1988 Plymouth Slingshot Concept Car

Superchargers gives the best performance for your car, superchargers are incorporated as an upgrade to the engine. Superchargers are designed to boost the speed of the engine by increasing horsepower. Super charging Plymouth cars were distributed on 1928. A supercharger under Plymouth has a feature of internal expanding of hydraulic brakes and it gave Plymouth-Chrysler the edge with other competitors. Nowadays electric supercharger can be bought by bolt-on kits; usually it is less expensive due to the fact that Plymouth has older models.

2001 Plymouth Prowler

Where to find the best engine tuning kits would be to check online? What are the shops that offers complete engine tuning kits, such as tuning box? On how to find the best engine tuning kits would be to always research and do a canvass on different service and parts providers to check on the availability and review for the specifications. This kits already consists of the following: 900 Watt motor, laser cut 10 blade turbine with rigid metal, up till 5 PSI boost and more, spools at 20,000 RPMs, rubber couplers, high-flow air filter unique design, and metal securing clamps. This whole set can be bought for $179.99. For people who wanted to save and get a good deal can choose to buy bolt-on kits rather that custom.

Red Plymouth Prowler at South Square

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plymouth cuda

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Pontiac Car

1965 Pontiac Banshee model car

Pontiac was a brand established by General Motors in 1926 to be manufactured alongside the company’s Oakland brand. By 1933 Pontiac had completely surpassed Oakland in terms of popularity and sales, prompting GM to discontinue the Oakland brand altogether. Pontiac was then transitioned to be the companion brand to Chevrolet. Pontiac cars were very popular for budget minded drivers in both the United States and Canada throughout the brand’s lifetime. However, financial troubles at GMC during the last decade prompted the company to discontinue the brand in 2010.

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The fact that Pontiac no longer exists means it’s not possible to give concrete and accurate estimates for car insurance. In fact, if you’re searching for cheap car insurance for your Pontiac what you’ll pay really will depend on the age and condition of the car you’re driving. If you purchased a Pontiac in its final model year it’s quite possible you still have outstanding loan payments to make. In such a case you’re probably also paying for collision and comprehensive coverage as required by your bank.

1969 GTO Judge

Once your bank loan is paid off you’ll be able to drop that coverage in favor of a more affordable car insurance premium. If you’ve invest a lot of money in upgrading your Pontiac you may want to keep collision and comprehensive even after bank was paid off. Otherwise, the Blue Book value of your car suggests it’s probably not worth keeping the extra coverage as your car ages.

1969 Pontiac GTO Judge

If your Pontiac is more than five or six years old your best bet is to purchase just liability if cheap car insurance is a goal you’re trying to reach. Liability insurance is all that’s required by law. The only thing you need to be aware of is the fact that liability coverage does not protect you against damage to your car in an accident you cause. It protects you against liability assessed to you for injuries or property damage caused to other drivers and their passengers.

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Unfortunately, liability insurance does not go down in price along with your car’s value. With liability coverage the value of your car is irrelevant because your price is based on factors like your driving record, your age and marital status, and where you live. Suffice it to say that while liability coverage is cheap car insurance, you are assuming some measure of personal financial risk if all you purchase is the minimum amount allowed by law. In either case be sure to compare multiple quotes from several companies if you want the best deal on affordable car insurance for your Pontiac.

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Pontiac car

red pontiac gto car